Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas Is Coming!!! :-D

So I've been promising you a big work update for a while... but sadly I still don't have an awful lot to show! My Mr came to see me this weekend! It was lovely to have snugggles, I really do miss him, It's really nice and refreshing to have company, and its an absolute bonus that he's my favourite person in the world :-) - second to my mumma of course! I had to work, so I bought him some plasticine to keep him occupied whilst I was out... we ended playing with it before I had to go! I'm such a big kid I couldn't resist!
what me & the mr made
I then woke up feeling christmassy because there was a slight bit of snow outside, so I then made christmas decorations!...
(thats supposed to be a snowflake - not a starfish :p)
I plan to make some more christmas decorations tomorrow with my housemate! Going to try and have a go at salt dough! I figure if my sisters school kids can manage - then so can me and Tashar!
I've also tried having a clear out, I'm desperate to use up loads of my craft stuff I've been hoarding for years, so the other day I cut up loads of my paper I've collected and started to gather it all ready to make into a diary for the new year, I don't have a pic cos it's not finished yet...but here are some books I've made before...
I alsooo finally got round to sewing a back and a zip into a patchwork cushion I started - LAST YEAR! I have to say, I'm so glad I finished it - i love it! Hopefully more mis-match patterned cushions on the way to replace my mountain of cushions with odd cushion covers on my bed!

I've also been busy doing a few more granny squares - i will have a complete granny square blanket one day!!! & I also did a few wire crochet flowers for my lighting project but they weren't so successful but I think I've finally decided on what to do for my final piece! All my deadlines all seem to be coming at once I'm aiming to get everything finished for next week so I can go home back to lovely Hull, but we shall see what my time allows! I got my essay finished today so at least thats something!

Thats all for now! Shall be back soon with more decorations and a finished project hopefully!
P.s also finished making my sisters christmas present and I'm dying to post pictures on here and share it with you, but she will see so i shall have to be patient!


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Friday, 26 November 2010

Hey guys! As usual I can't seem to get anything productive done! Just being doing bits and bobs here and there! Heres a sneaky peek....

Went to the Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate yesterday and bought lots of fabulous crafty stuff - spent farrr too much money but oh well you only live once! :)
my light stencil

my hairy icicle ice cream

my purchases from knit and stitch

my mini-me from last year

my aldi ready meal


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Tuesday, 23 November 2010


So I didn't get half the work done that I had planned too.. why am I not surprised! However I have enjoyed my night spent on ebay! - I've even been really good and not bought anything! - YET.

However I do really want to buy a load of old keys and make key-related art! I want a ton of old keys so i can make a key wall, similar to this but better...

 or framed old keys like this...

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Monday, 22 November 2010

Arghhh the workk!

So after sitting down and thinking I don't have that much work to do... I realise I have! I have tons! I keep forgetting about this plastics project! I feel like I'm getting toward the end of everything and I have still have lots of tweaks and ideas to try and come up with! I also have another slight problem... I CANT STOP CROCHETING!

I just cannot put my crochet hook down! I have this proper desire to crochet a gorgeous granny square blanket, Ive been sat here for about an hour and only come out with 3 small granny squares! good bye degree you're being put on the shelf for a while till I can overcome this addiction! 

Fingers crossed tomorrow I'll find some motivation and get some proper work done, and even more miraculously I'll have some good ideas for my plastics project :-\ NOT LIKELY! *sigh* I'll report back tomorrow night and hopefully have some progress pictures (and not just of this blanket ha)

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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Work Update!

Just a quick catch up post of what I've been up to lately! I've got a lot of work I need to power through before I get my Mr coming up to stay next weekend! Expect this space to be quiet for a few days, then I'll be able to do another big catch up post with HOPEFULLY all the work I've managed to get done!
Heres what I've been up to!...
more cable tie hearts

trying to mix up my materials

playing with colour


more experiments

playing with shutter speed and collage

crochet flowers

more crochet flowers

crochet granny squares

knit samples

bex and her sausage roll in Shipley

vanessa in Shipley

louise in Shipley! (note our over priced bitter hot choclates in the background!)
my old ring - sob! :'-(

my new ring! :-)

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Ohhhh I love being inspired! Sometimes I can be sat around for days waiting for the inspiration to come, and then I can be sat there doing the most mundane thing and boom! it just comes!
Ive managed to learn how to 'properly' crochet! god knows what method i was doing before! But with learning this new skills I've got allsorts of ideas zooming around in my head of what I can do! I'd love to be able to make a giant bed throw out of adorable yarns that just go perfectly together! but lets be fair - I'd never find the time to make/finish it!

Here are some crochet inspiring pictures! :-) enjoy!


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Sunday, 14 November 2010

The week ahead...

So, I'm really trying to get back into a good routine like last year, I feel like I had it all figured out and I was comfortable, but this year, things just don't feel right yet. I think I need to set myself more targets, so I feel good about what I've acomplished in the week! I feel like I've got all these things that I want to achieve and time is slipping by my too fast and I'm just not gettin anywhere. I'm going to make it my goal to sit down and make a list of what I want to do in the week. Everybody loves a good list right?


Saturday, 13 November 2010

Things that make me happy...

I'm far too quick to complain these days, I need to look for the good in the situation more often, and to start, heres a list of simple things, that put a smile on my face!

1. Handwritten letters & cards in the post.
2. Seeing people help strangers out, giving up seats on the bus, helping someone with their bags, holding the door open - simple things to do, but rarely done!
3. Finding money in old pockets.
4. Freshly shaven legs in clean bedding
5. When your hair just goes right!
6. The smell of home
7. Really making someone laugh
8. Complimenting people
9. Seeing a random compilation of colours that just look really nice together
10. The cold side of the pillow
11. The smell of clean laundry
12. When animals do stuff that humans do - the funniest thing ever in my eyes!
13. Being productive
14. People doing nice stuff unexpectedly
15. Really good comedies.
16. People hugging at the train station
17. Old couples holding hands
18. Cute little old people in general
19. Singing at the top of my lungs! (terribly!)
20. Good old fashioned manners

Thinking up that list has already put a smile on my face! :-)
Bedtime for me now I think!
night world!

Cute Stuff!

Some more cute stuff I've found to cheer me up nicely before I go to work :)


real life 'up' house
trick photography



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