Sunday, 24 July 2011

Dan's Graduation!

So my boy finally graduated! I had a lovely day at the ceremony and we went out for a cheeky pub lunch afterwards with his family! It was lovely! :-)


Thursday, 21 July 2011

So I thought I'd posted way more than I had!

I could have sworn I shared the piccies from bedford & graduation - but apparently not! Heres the piccies from a little safari we went on in Woburn! We ended up nearly running out of petrol half way around and couldn't find a member of staff to ask if we could leave to fill up and come back again (you're not allowed out the car in case you get eaten by a lion!) so we had to find our receipt and dig out the phone number! I wonder if anyone has broken down on a drive through safari before....
That's all for tonight I'm afraid folks! My internet doesn't want to cooperate with me! Sorry for the glare on some of the photos too! I had my window open and then got told off by the keepers on loud megaphones demanding me to wind it back up! :-P


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