Monday, 11 February 2013


When I initially started up my business I chose a simple 'polkadot' theme for all my 'handouts'. When I package my orders I include matching labels, return address labels, business cards, order cards & thankyou cards! I decided that as my business is growing I'd give everything a revamp! Going with my new logo which I think is a little more sophisticated even if I do say so myself, I re-designed all my little bits and pieces!

Me being me, I like to make my own business cards. I know you can get lots of freebie offers but I think the add-on extras which they charge a fortune for are unnecessary! Why would I pay someone else to make things for me, when thats what my business is all about? I have lots of left off gloss card from uni however it's in A2 sheets, so I cut it all down to A4 size and print directly on to that and trim to size using borders that I pre-print onto the card and voila new business cards!

I've also made some more little mini 'The Polkadotte' magnets & little 'I'm a magnet' stickers to go on the bags so customers know they can stick them up on their fridge! Do you offer any little freebies for your customers? How do you package your items? do you opt for cheap & cheerful do you like to spend the extra to send something special?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Crazy Weather!

So what is going on with this weather at the moment! Snow, rain, hailstones, crazyyyyy wind, then ridiculously bright sun?! I personally cannot wait for spring to (properly) come and bring a bit of lightness back into my life. I hate dull days! Even more so when I have to do the morning shift at work and wait for the bus at 6.00am in the pitch black freezing cold/snow/rain/hailstone/wind (on the bright side - least I've got a nice cosy coffee shop to warm up in!). Roll on Sunny bright mornings, with new plants and lots of lovely green leaves sprouting up everywhere! I've even got a lovely little holiday to Ibiza with the boy booked in May! I cannot wait! It's been far too long since I've been away! To cheer myself up about the fact I'm still stuck here living in the very dull and gloomy UK I've been pretending I've been on nice hot beaches and lying in pretty green fields. Hope this warms you up a bit too!

St Tropez- Been here endless times with my parents. I will never tire of here.
Burg Eltz Castle In Germany! Eek! I've been here! SO PRETTY!
Tunisia - Like stepping into a different world. First holiday with the Mr - will always hold a special place.
Nerja - Gorgeous place spent with my lovely Best Friend
Port Charlotte - Our 'week off' spot in Florida
The Beautiful Es Canar, Ibiza. Roll On May! :-D

Saturday, 9 February 2013


Last month we had a big family gathering! It was a surprise party for my Auntie, my Cousin and my wonderful Nana! Here are just a few of the snaps from the evening!

Friday, 8 February 2013


So now the Mr is living down in Bedford and my brother has moved to London the place doesn't seem so scary anymore (infact I kind of love it!) Here are a few of the snaps I took when I went with Dan to meet up with my brother & his girlfriend!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

IWIO - Monochrome edition

At the moment I seem to have a little thing for monochrome. With a black and white handbag, black and white coat, and black and white boots - I literally look like in a black and white movie. Hope you like these black & white lovelies as much as I do!


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New Blog Design

It's been a little while since the blog had a revamp! I can still remember sitting my bedroom at uni -snuggled up in my covers - playing around with different blog layouts all day long! Shame I don't live the student life anymore and really don't have time for that! This time I just gave it a little colour change instead!

I'm off to go schedule up some lovely little posts for you guys over the next coming weeks to keep the blog nice and full!



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