Tuesday, 21 September 2010

It's been a while

So I've already started forgetting to write on here! Been busy moving into my new house! Not quite as exciting as it sounds... but here are some pictures of what I've been up to!
Sausage Rolls
Coal Mining Queens
Mining Museums

Tetris Blocks
Auto Queues
News Readers

Bed Jumping
Belly Flopping
Knife People
Hide & Seek Statues
Field Posing
Rudey Statue Covering
Giant Bunnies
Chocolate Sundaes
Birthday Meals
New Bedrooms 

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Strawberry Cream Cake

Hey all!

Not been up to massive amounts today! had quite a lazy morning, waiting for the Mr to pop round and help bake a cake for his grans birthday...
this is how it turned out.


Played around with my camera some more! and got new photo editing software free from google! WIN! Finally arranged some last minute plans with the Mr! We're off to the national coal mining museum tomorrow, staying at the travel lodge, then off to yorkshire sculpture park the day after - fingers crossed the weather is nice! Hopefully I'll get lots of pretty pictures to post up here! :-)

Best be off to finish packing!

Monday, 6 September 2010

First Ever Blog Post

Hey Guys, so I had a re-design, as I'm far too indecisive and couldnt decide on what look I liked best, hopefully as my experience with blogging grows so will my design skills! I bought myself a fabulous new camera today, to help with my 5 Goals I want to achieve with my blog!...

My 5 Goals.
1. To photograph more. I've already taken my first step in encouraging myself to do this with a new camera!

2. To be more positive. I've always been a glass half empty person and I hope that sharing my day with other people will tempt me to look more at the positive aspects of my day.

3. To keep track of my inspirations. I want the blog to become sort of a mindmap of my hand. To store my ideas, inspirations and aspirations.

4. To look at things in a new light. I like the idea of approaching things with curiosity and intrigue as apposed to dismissing risky ideas. I want to bring out the brave in myself. To teach myself to pluck up the courage to do steer away from 'the norm'.

5. To have fun! I want myself to enjoy this. I like my own personal space and my own time, so I'd like to think of my blog as my little hideaway for an hour everyday to look back at what I've done and take a moment to appreciate my achievements! - or others for that matter!

So today we went camera hunting. Not with spears and such, just a quick trip to argos! Then we had a cheeky little trip to Chiquitos for a little fiesta fun!

YumYumYum! Nothing like a tasty Fiesta Vegetable Wrap to fill my belly!
When I got back home I played around with some of the settings on my camera, and snapped this adorable picture of my mental kitty Daisy! (I'm sure she'll be featuring plenty in my blog!)


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