Tuesday, 21 September 2010

It's been a while

So I've already started forgetting to write on here! Been busy moving into my new house! Not quite as exciting as it sounds... but here are some pictures of what I've been up to!
Sausage Rolls
Coal Mining Queens
Mining Museums

Tetris Blocks
Auto Queues
News Readers

Bed Jumping
Belly Flopping
Knife People
Hide & Seek Statues
Field Posing
Rudey Statue Covering
Giant Bunnies
Chocolate Sundaes
Birthday Meals
New Bedrooms 

So I've been busy busy busy! back at uni so the work is beginning to pile up, but hopefully I'll manage to find the time to still blog what I've been doing and start recording some of my inspirations and achievements on here! Speak soon!

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