Sunday, 3 October 2010

Waiting For The Gasman

So I've not been out the house in days as I constantly seem to be waiting for the gasman to come and fix our boiler! However, it's given me some much needed rest, and my cold seems to be clearing itself up!

I'm back into the swing of things this year at uni, and I'm diving into all my projects head first and for the first time in a long time, trying to take my work seriously. I found myself looking through what I had put in my sketchbook and thinking back to last year, and being shocked at what I allow myself to submit. I saw the course as a joke, so I wasn't too serious about the work I created. This year however, the cogs have finally all turned in my head, and whilst I'm panicking about what I want to do when I've finished uni, I've given myself a kick up the backside and giving this year my best shot.

I'm super excited about starting my business elective this year! Apparently it's quite apprentice-esque! Ratting out the people that arent pulling their weight, creating advertising campaigns, designing products for competitions. Ruth, the module tutor, said we shouldn't do the course if we aren't competetive and serious about it. I think it sounds perfect for me!!! Bring on designing products, working as a team, & running our own little craft stalls! I cant wait!

 We're currently doing a plastic jewellery project in our mixed media sessions at the moment, and whilst we're still only being inducted on the machines I'm really excited to get playing around with the plastics materials and see what I can create. I've been saving allsort of plastic wrappers, and bits and bobs, and ordered myself a heat gun from amazon, so I can start melting stuff together! I've ordered some shrink plastic too! I'm so so so so excited to start playing around with it all, hopefully if I'm any good I can start making some stuff to go on my imaginary online business and sell them :-)

Anyway, enough ramblings about what I plan to do! Time to start doing them!

Em :-)

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