Wednesday, 8 June 2011


For those of you who are regulars to my blog will know I'm a HUGE fan of ModCloth. I've finished some of my eBay stuff for the day, so I thought I'd treat myself with a well earned nosy and share some of my favourite finds with you! :-)

Paw-fice Space Decorative Pillow
My Parents Were Awesome
How To Sew A Button
Counter Top 40 Worktop Saver
Knots of Love Photo Frame
Seasoned With Sweetness Shaker Set

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Since I finished uni I've been baking lots and lots seeing as my cooker at uni isn't much good and likes to burn things/not cook them properly! So I thought I'd make some little buns and some scones as my last lot turned out horrible from the recipe! I was also getting some practice in as I've been requested to make 70+ of them for the Mr's birthday party on Friday! :-)


Monday, 6 June 2011


So the Mr has finally finished with his uni stuff so to celebrate we thought we deserved another day out :-) This time we went to Whitby! We walked and walked and walked and now I'm exhausted! We also ate and ate and ate! - although our trek up the 199 steps may have burned off a few calories! :-)


Sunday, 5 June 2011


One of the reasons why I love being at home is because I adore my bedroom! Last summer I decided I'd finally decorate it properly and do it as more of a guest room for my parents to keep after I move out! I found the Laura Ashley wallpaper on ebay at an absolute steal of two rolls for £20! I love being in this room as its crisp, fresh and really peaceful looking - Much nicer than my student house bedroom! I've also thrown in some piccies of my charity shop finds which at the moment are cluttering up my only spare surface! Hope you likey! :)


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Laura Ashley Photo Frame

For a while now I've been wanting to make some frames to fill a blank space on my bedroom wall and whilst I was at the charity shop I found some handmade paper frames and was inspired to finally give my little project a go!
And after!
I'll post a better photo of all three when they're hanging up with photo's in tomorrow with the rest of my charity shop finds! :-)


I'm Home!

So I've been home about two weeks now! Its flown past but I've been trying to keep myself busy everyday spending time being productive! I've done lots of jewellery making and selling on eBay - and it's going really well! I've done a spot of charity shop shopping! Got some fab bargains! I'll post some piccies soon! Also had a cheeky trip to the seaside in the FAB weather with the Mr! Here's a quick photodump because I have to get back to the eBay listings! :-)

We had a visit from baby Angus

We went to the seaside!

Had a cheeky pub lunch!

And enjoyed the sun!


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