The Bucket List

I think it's important to set myself goals in life - so why not give myself a bucket list. I never intend to fulfil all of these but I'd like to give myself something to aim to. Some will be simple - some will be more difficult to complete. Lets see what life swings my way & what I can complete :-)

  1.  Have children
  2.  Learn to drive (In Progress)
  3.  Speak fluent German
  4.  Visit Paris
  5.  Visit London (Don't even ask how I've never been & I live in England?!)
  6.  Graduate University with a 2.1
  7.  Officially start my own business
  8.  Go Scuba Diving
  9.  Go Sky Diving
  10.  Speak fluent French
  11. Speak fluent Italian
  12. Speak fluent Spanish
  13. Fall in love
  14. Visit Amsterdam
  15. Visit Hawaii
  16. Get married
  17. Spend a night in a castle
  18. Spend a night under the stars
  19. Own a house
  20. Run for charity
  21. Complete a marathon
  22. Go white water rafting
  23. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  24. Try Belgian Chocolate in Belgium
  25. Visit Monaco
  26. Visit Australia
  27. Own a car
  28. Own a macbook
  29. Own an Iphone (I'm currently hating my BB)
  30. Own a Maltipoo
  31. Own a Husky
  32. Go to a stand up comedy night
  33. Witness an eclipse
  34. Swim with dolphins
  35. Go whale watching
  36. Go abseiling
  37. Go Caving
  38. See Stone Henge
  39. Buy jewelry from Tiffanys
  40. Fly first class
  41. Change someones life
  42. Own something designer
  43. Take a train journey on my own
  44. Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
  45. Donate blood
  46. Volunteer for charity
  47. Give money to the homeless
  48. Create a successful blog
  49. Go on holiday for christmas
  50. Go to University
  51. Finish College
  52. Get a job I love
  53. Eat something I have grown
  54. Wear something I have made
  55. See a psychic
  56. Have my palms read
  57. Go on every ride at Disneyworld
  58. Visit Thorpe Park
  59. Visit somewhere haunted
  60. Learn how to shoot a gun
  61. Get a meaningful tattoo
  62. Walk the great wall of China
  63. Learn how to say hello in 50 different languages
  64. Learn how to play an instrument
  65. Visit the wreckage of Titanic
  66. Visit Auschwitz
  67. Visit Ypres & Flanders Fields
  68. Witness the last post ceremony at Menin Gate
  69. Take part in an exhibition
  70. Visit Monaco
  71. Visit Buckingham Palace
  72. Meet the Queen
  73. Go to Africa
  74. Go to Disneyworld
  75. Adopt an orphan
  76. Own my own shop - It's online - does this still count?
  77. Create a piece of art & sell it
  78. Own an SLR camera
  79. Read 50 books
  80. Go camping for a week
  81. Go to a festival
  82. Stay at the Ritz
  83. Learn how to make clothes
  84. Learn Adobe Creative Suite
  85. Experience Mardi Gras
  86. Visit New York
  87. Go to the Macy Day Parade
  88. Watch Fireworks over Sydney
  89. Make my parents proud
  90. Learn how to ski
  91. Learn how to snowboard
  92. See the Northern Lights
  93. Be a movie extra
  94. Take a self defence class
  95. Take a dance class
  96. Go to a Luau
  97. See a shooting star
  98. See the Pyramids
  99. Spend St. Patricks day in Ireland
  100. Renovate a house
  101. Travel alone

    to be continued...


Ellen's Cakes said...

You want to learn loads of languages! Thats pretty cool, I would really like to learn German and Spanish :)

ooooo when did you go to Amsterdam? I went last summer and fell in love with it, I would definately love to go back there :D I just found out too that you can megabus to Amsterdam for £10! Apart from the 20+ hours travel time, I was so tempted haha

Emma Sunman said...

wow £10 haha! That would a lot of travelling! My parents live in Hull and the ferry goes straight there, so I managed to do a 2-4-1 deal on the ferry with my boyfriend for £35 each! Which I thought was quite a bargain! It must have been about 2 years ago now? maybe even 3! I can't wait to go back, I'd love to go in summer too! It'd be completely different as we went at christmas so it was snowy!
I'm getting there with learning German, then Spanish is next on my list! Can you speak any other languages already? :-) xx


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