Monday, 22 November 2010

Arghhh the workk!

So after sitting down and thinking I don't have that much work to do... I realise I have! I have tons! I keep forgetting about this plastics project! I feel like I'm getting toward the end of everything and I have still have lots of tweaks and ideas to try and come up with! I also have another slight problem... I CANT STOP CROCHETING!

I just cannot put my crochet hook down! I have this proper desire to crochet a gorgeous granny square blanket, Ive been sat here for about an hour and only come out with 3 small granny squares! good bye degree you're being put on the shelf for a while till I can overcome this addiction! 

Fingers crossed tomorrow I'll find some motivation and get some proper work done, and even more miraculously I'll have some good ideas for my plastics project :-\ NOT LIKELY! *sigh* I'll report back tomorrow night and hopefully have some progress pictures (and not just of this blanket ha)

"Donald Duck's middle name is Fauntleroy. "

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