Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Shop Update

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I've been a super busy bee lately! I took two weeks off from the day job and spent a good majority locked away in my work room updating the Ebay Shop! I sadly let the business slide downhill very quickly, when I started a new job a few years ago and moved in with my then partner. But! Alas! A new friend encouraged me to get back into it and now I'm so happy I did. If you know me personally you'll know I like to be kept busy, as much as I like a lazy day every now and then I've always got to be doing something (very rarely am I sat still!) So having the shop back up and running gives me a feeling of having more purpose and productivity.
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I used to get frustrated the shop because it was very much in dribs and drab, however now the photos are much better and the listings are all neatly to the same format, so I feel like its a lot more organised and less messy - which is a definite plus for me & my OCD!
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The majority of my stock is listed on the ebay shop...

and slowly but surely I'll be using my spare time to share the listings across to Etsy.

the polkadotte polkadot handmade jewellery jewelry hull emma sunman
ebay shop listing sunflower flower floral handmade
I've still got lots of work I still need to do, but now that business has taken of again, it's definite motivation to continue on with it!

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