Saturday, 30 January 2016


Last summer my wonderful cousin Matthew got married to his beautiful fiance Rebecca. It was at a beautiful old manor house (For  the life of me  I can't remember its name!)
me and Mary brother were invited to the evening do whilst the rest of the family were at the ceremony so we joined them later on. it was my brothers last family visit before he moved to Australia, so it was a nice special day to all spend together before he left us for a year (Or more!)
I managed to squeeze into my Polkadot (The Polkadotte - in polkadots?!) dress that I'd bought years before with the hopes of wearing it to a wedding, but then I got fat and couldn't fit, but then I got skinny and then could! *yeay!*
It was a lovely afternoon - mainly spent getting drunk with my brother, and dancing to the live band that played various Indie songs of our teenage years!

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