Saturday, 23 January 2016

Baby Mudd's Shower!

So wayyy back in September I threw a baby shower for my best friend. We go way back and have been friends since we were kids so I was super excited to host the shower and get all excited about the little bubba she was about to bring into the world. Her and husband decided to keep the sex of the baby a secret so it was up to me to throw a neutral shower and think up lots of fun things for us and the guests to do. Oh, and by the way... it was a surprise so I had to keep it secret, which was ridiculously difficult to do!
I had a full table full of party snacks - cooked off little nibbles etc and tried to make the rest of the food 'baby themed', had dishes full of pink & blue sweets, napkin nappys full of crisps, I even managed to make some little napking booties from a tutorial on good ol' Pinterest (Oh Pinterest where would parties be without you!). Safe to say I did way too much food haha but it did go down quite a treat!
I borrowed a gazebo off a friend because of the unreliable English weather but I needn't have worried because it was a beautiful sunny day! Me & My mum spent a couple of afternoons making our own decorations and hung them around the gazebo making it super cute and cosy, along with a bunch of 'emergency' mismatched garden furniture covered in my living room throws and cushions haha!
Amazing how much themed food you can find when you're really looking for it! Super cute teddy bear shaped biscuits & crisps!
I put together some little party bags with a teddy bear wine glass charm as a keep sake and a good bag filled with pink & blue sweets. We handed out rock dummys as medals for the game winners, decorated some nappys ready for mummy & daddy to read with their late night nappy changes! Played some charades, music quiz (courtesy of Youtube! ;) ) and had some blindfolded nappy changing haha! I even asked the guests to bring along their old baby photos so we had a game of guess who too! Which was way more difficult than it sounds!

All in all there was lots of tears (hopefully of happiness) from the Beautiful Expecting Mummy and I think it went down a treat! Took me months of preparing though haha, so I'm hoping that's my party hosting duties done for a little while! :-)

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