Saturday, 6 February 2016


Last year I gave my home to this little princess. Someone was just giving her away on Gumtree. The whole thing was super sketchy and I'm so pleased that I was able to rescue her! She lived on an awful council estate in a house full of dogs and she was just called 'cat', the people hadn't even bothered giving her a name :(. So... meet Violet. She's an absolute sweetie and a pain in my bum! The worlds most expensive cat racking up over £500 in vet bills in less than 6 months and smashing a brand new 42 Inch Tv after only having it for 30days. She loves 'duck on a stick', nuzzling into my dressing gown, lying on her back and farting all day long. She even has her own toy shelf, which she routes through to find the specific toy she fancies playing with.

I've turned into a total crazy cat lady but I kinda love it. and her.

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