Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas Baking!

Today I gave myself half the day off! I got my million & one orders packaged up from the weekend and went off to do a spot of shopping & baking! I wanted to try some new cupcakes inspired by some bits I'd seen on Pinterest & other blogs. Here are my Peppermint Cupcakes!

If you fancy making these delicious little cupcakes it was super simple and they look really nice & festive - Perfect for a Christmas party!

I used a basic cupcake recipe & bought some chocolate frosting (I cheated because I was trying to save time! - Homemade frosting definately tastes better though!). I bought some candy canes and bashed them up with a rolling pin (great stress relief) and poured all the crushed pieces in a bowl, with some chocolate sprinkles & pieces. I smothered the buns in chocolate frosting (messier the better!) and then spooned on the crushed pieces and chocolate and gave a final little sprinkle of icing sugar to look like snow and tada! Super Duper simple cupcakes! No messing around with Icing bags - Really nice quick & simple - and not much washing up! I'll be taking some into work tomorrow to share with the girlies :-)

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