Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sausage Dogs!

 Another of my best sellers at the moment are my Sausage Dog Earrings (available as studs or drops!) Available Here

I've had a couple of messages from customers saying how much they/their daughter/sister/cousin/bestfriendsneighbourssister is obsessed with Sausage dogs and can they buy more! I took a little shopping trip the other day and noticed Sausage Dogs everywhere too! A little while ago I spotted a Sausage Dog blouse in Primark and it was reduced - I totally regret not buying it because it was so damn cute and I've been on the hunt for it ever since - but alas! No luck! So I think I need to fill my life with these Sausage Dog things instead!

Via The Polkadotte
Via Etsy (click photo for link)
Via Dorothy Perkins
Via John Lewis
Via Next
Via Etsy

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