Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Favourite DIY

So this summer, I MUST start making everything I've bookmarked & pinned on Pinterest for future projects. I'm determined! I have so many materials that I cannot bare to part with as I know as soon as I get rid of them, I'll have the perfect idea of what to do with it (I'm not alone on this one right? Everyone else has mountains of materials everywhere?) Anyway, I found this super cute coaster tutorial on The Purl Bee that I think will be perfect for summer parties in the garden! I'd be so upset if I got drinks spilt on them though!  I might just have them for decoration (Nothing in my house is ever going to usable - it'll all just be for show! Don't even get me started on candles!)

I have the perfect pile of citrus coloured felts I could use for this one. I might even try other fruits too? Watermelon perhaps? Maybe a couple of strawberries?! Eitherway, I'm so excited to get my projects finished and handed in so I can start cracking on these bad boys & everything else on my list of things to do!

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