Monday, 2 April 2012


Sorry I've been a little behind on the blog posts! I've had a busy weekend, as we've just broken up for Easter, so I'm busy preparing myself for two solid weeks of work (minus a weekend inbetween in which I'll be returning home!) I'll post more about my work later in the week, but for now - I'm busy dreaming about all the pretty things I'd like to buy with my loan (but sadly it'll be spent on uni work & *fingers crossed* some driving lessons at long last!

I'm not all that big on partying - I think I enjoying the decorating more, but these science themed shot glasses from Urban Outfitters would have been perfect for my housemates birthday party! (She studies forensics & would love all this stuff!)
The Mr loves to cycle! Me however, not such a fan. Although I think I'll take advantage of the fact he loves it, to fill the house with cute bicycle themed pretties! Like this cute rug - another Urban Outfitters special!
I love clothes that show 'a little bit of me'. Not in the way that I'd be flashing! I like clothes that people see and think 'Oh thats so Emma'. This one from Red Velvet is to die for! - teamed with the mustard shoes & belt is perfect too!
So Cute! Perfect to wear with skinny jeans and a tee - Courtesy of Modcloth
My friend is having a Disney party for her 21st this month, and I'm supposed to be going as Mary Poppins - This shirt would be perfect with a little bow around the neck! Everything5Pounds
Ok, So I might be being ridiculous and blatently can't afford this, but it's sooooo cute! MiuMiu

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Ellen's Cakes said...

Aw I always wish I could afford funky party things and those science glasswares are soooo cute for decorating! :D
I love the colour of the bad as well :)


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