Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Classroom Ideas!

So last summer my sister graduated from her PGCE and got a job as a teacher in a little school over the bridge (The Humber Bridge for all you none Hullians out there!) I was roped into helping her decorate her classroom as it was pretty boring, and she wanted to make a good first impression on her kids! I wish I'd taken before pictures, but I didn't (I felt a bit wierd taking photos of a school classroom?!), but just try to imagine a pretty grubby boring room, with bland decorations, no colour scheme, and no real order to it.

Sorry the picture is a bit pants - I thought I had more than this! We had a yellow & green colour scheme & had cute little apple & pear tins in each desk tidy! It all went together really well and from what I heard my sister had endless compliments of how beautiful the room looked! We even had a big brick wall display which I think was to become a 'work wall' which went down a treat too!

This year I think I'm being roped in for makeover number two! I quite enjoyed it last year so I've been searching the net for some snazzy ideas and I've got a couple of things I'm excited to make to hang in the classroom (with the teachers approval of course) & I'd love some suggestions from any of you guys?! What do you think would have inspired you to learn in the classroom when you were a kid?

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