Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Weekend

Sorry I've been quiet this weekend! I went back home on Thursday night to spend the Easter weekend with my parents. It was my dads 50th  birthday the weekend before so we  all (me, my brother and sister) came back to Hull and went out for a meal to celebrate. I had a lovely weekend, but sadly didn't get any pictures! Sunday night we went for a meal out to ASK. It was nice but not as good as I seem to remember it? The Mr & my sisters boyfriend came along too and we all went out for drinks afterwards. I'm not  a massive drinker anymore, so me and my sister left early and left the boys to carry on around town. Safe to say they were feeling it in the morning! Overall it was a lovely weekend, but now its back to reality! :-( I've got an endless list of work to get doing and I've got an essay to write which I've not even started on. So sorry if its a bit quiet over here the next few days again. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have done lots of pretty work to show you! Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend too! :-)

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