Friday, 6 April 2012


So the other week I thought I'd be brave and have a tutorial at uni with one of the tutors (surprisingly!), and to my surprise it went really well! She really liked my ideas and gave me some really good advice, so now it's all systems go! I really need to power through and churn out work like I'm some kind of design machine! We discussed what purposes the design could be used for and I showed her my initial ceramics work - and she liked it! (unlike my other tutor who told me it was a no go). I also like it - so I'm going to go ahead with it, as I think it's a nice interesting way to show my final prints. Along with the ceramics I plan to create a 'Kitchen Collection'. I'm currently playing around in photoshop adding my designs to various items to see which patterns suit what best, then I'm going to pick which designs are going to be on what and what should be neutral etc! etc! I'm really pleased with the way my work is going and I really need to just keep focused and keep going! I've really got my heart set on a 1st for this project. I think a 1st overall is looking unlikely (I think my written work might drag me down) but theres no harm in hoping! Anyway... here's my 'teatowel' collection... Let me know what you think and which ones work best and owe themselves to tea towels nicely! :-) I'm also going to play around with placement prints ect, and not just allover patterns, it's all still to come :-)!

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