Monday, 20 February 2012

1st Year Drawing Elective

Alongside our standard modules we covered within the course we also had to pick an elective module, so in the first year of university I chose to improve my drawing skills with the Drawing for Textiles elective. In this we we're given a brief every few weeks to challenge ourselves to draw something we wouldnt usually draw. This usually was comprised of drawing a collection of items together with some kind of rhythm or flow to them. We also had to use media outside of our comfort zone. You can probably tell that I love to work with pencil, & I really enjoy really intricate detailed tasks. I thought I'd share with you some of the drawings I did and tell you a bit about them :-)

This series of drawings was based on a collection of the contents of our handbags. We piled everything out on the desks and selected a collection of items that had a theme to them. I particularly like the added feminity that the water colour drawings have to them, and feel that that media suits the objects well.

This collection was based on the idea of opening a surprise. The drawings are meant to be viewed in a sequence and bring an element of intrigue to the viewer. I particular like the way I've managed to capture the texture of the cord fabric, and feel that it gives the idea that the bracelets are something really precious bundled up inside.

This is my favourite collection of drawings I did for this module. I love the higgeldy piggedly element the angles of the sketchbooks bring. My particular favourite has to be the pencil drawing though as I think I managed to capture the light and shadows falling onto the books rather well.

Last but not least, the shoe collection, this was my first project I had, and we were just told to bring in two contrasting objects that had a relationship, so I went with male & female footwear. I like the bold difference between the feminime curve of the heel, and the chunky broadness of the mens shoe. My particular favourite detail has to be the shading of the mens laces in the pencil drawing. I love to draw with lines & so I sat quite happily drawing these laces for hours!

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