Tuesday, 21 February 2012

1st Year Creative Thinking Module

So this module, really wasn't one of my best, so I apologise in advance for the work I'm about to share! Creative thinking wasn't the most enjoyable modules, despite me having high hopes for it when it first began! It seemed a little 'makeitupasyougoalong'. However, It did open our minds and teach us not to dismiss initial ideas, and be more accepting of those first thoughts! 

This project was to find an object and look it in ways you've not looked at it before. We had to draw it in every single way we possibly could so that it no longer was just the item is started out as. We had to draw elements of it & abstract it, to teach us to create more design oppurtunities from an everyday object. For this project I picked a vintage brooch, I think I managed to 'abstract' it as when it came to the group crit - no one could tell what it was! Don't know if this was necessarily a good or a bad thing! I do like how I've managed to capture the sparkliness of the crystals in the brooch, as this was quite a challenge.

This project was a creative tiles project. We were each given a random theme, something that you wouldn't necessarily look to for inspiration, and I got given mechanics - luckily as I have 2 mechanics in my family, I've been brought up around engine parts and exhausts all my life, so I had a good idea how I could incorporate these into design. We also had the added challenge of making sure that whilst the tiles should each be different - they all had to match on each side. This was a massive challenge to all of us as it's a lot trickier than it sounds!

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