Sunday, 19 February 2012


During my second year at university, We had a project called 'The Beauty of Diagrams'. I posted the video of the exhibition here, & I thought I'd share a little with you about the back up work I did. My choice of word was 'Biomechanics' and at first I was horrified as I didn't even know what the word meant, but after a trip to the library and a quick brain storming sesh, the ideas started bouncing around my head. I really enjoy machine embroidery and I'm known for giving myself really tricky repetitive jobs to do, so why not machine embrioder skeletons? I started playing around with the idea of incorporating movement, which led me to create my embroidered skeleton puppet! Sadly, the puppet went missing at the end of our exhibition :-( So I've not really got any good photographs of it. :-(


Sara said...

Is this embroidery work yours? It's absolutely beautiful. Great blog as well, thanks for stopping by mine.

Emma Sunman said...

Hey, yep it's all mine! Took a VERY long time :P :)



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