Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What's your best seller?

A little while ago I was having a clear out of my craft room (Hi I'm Emma & I'm a hoarder) and I found some wax cord I bought many years ago! I'd seen some wax cord bracelets on pinterest so went back for a cheeky look! I found these wax cord bracelets with various open ended charms in the the middle so set about into my charm box to see what I could find. I had lots of anchors I'd bought wholesale (Hi I'm Emma & I'm a hoarder) So I threw them all together and ended up with my suprisingly best selling item!
In a way my clearout backfired as I've now bought metres upon metres more wax cord to make sure I'm fully stocked all the time!
What's your best seller, and was it something you put a lot of thought into? Have you ever made something super simple and got endless comments on what expensive shop you got it from or where they can find something similar? :-)

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