Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Shop!

So after about a year or so of thinking about it I finally took the plunge and opened up an EBay shop. Despite the ridiculous amount of fees I'm doing quite well - & I'm enjoying what I'm doing - HERES a cheeky little link to the shop so you can nosy at what is on offer. I've still got a massive to do list and endless materials left so theres plenty more still to come. I really quite treasure my days off from the day job now to get snuggled in my little work room and get making somethings - though lately theres been a little too much paperwork and ebay listing and not enough making!
It's been interesting to see the stuff thats doing well this year as a opposed to last year and Im excited to see my style of jewellery and gifts develop based on the feedback of customers and the perfomance of certain items. 
I'm also contemplating heading back up to Preston to take part in the Freshers market (similar to the Christmas market I took part in at the Students Union) - I hope I have the same success & even more because of the trouble I'd have to take travelling there! I'll be back with stock updates weekly to show you sneaky peaks of what I've been working on :-)

Heres a little sneaky peek of some of the bits & bobs I've been listing today!


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