Sunday, 17 June 2012

Where to start!

Wow! So I've not blogged in a little while but I'm going to put a stop to that right now! This last month or so has been super duper hectic! Finishing off my university working, then shooting off back to Hull with my housemate, then rushing off back to Peterborough to stay at hers, the rushing back to Preston in time to get my work into the external examiner, and thennnn I had my degree show opening night last friday, I've got to man the show tomorrow, then I'm dissapearing back off to Hull only to come back at the weekend and take the show down! Busy, busy, busy! There I was thinking I'd have nothing to do when my work was handed in... Oh how wrong I was!

I don't even know where to start in filling you in on everything?! I don't think I got round to showing you all my work I'd done for the final project? It's been that long since I last blogged I really can't remember! Anyway, I'll finally show you the ceramics that took over my whole life for about 2 weeks. It seriously looked like the madhatter was having a full on banquet with about 100 people in my room. There was crockery everywhereee!
emma sunman crockery

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