Monday, 30 April 2012

Time is flying by....

I've got 4 weeks left of uni - can you believe that - 4 weeks! Eek! Scary stuff! I'm really struggling to stay motivated too, I know I just need to focus and these 4 weeks will fly past, but that's a lot easier said than done! I'm currently just trying to sort out my sketchbooks, and then going to have a chat with my tutor on Thursday and arrange what I'm doing for my final collection, then get cracking with making that, and then design boards & finishing touches - thats the plan anyway... whether or not it will run that smoothly we shall have to wait and see! Here's a rough idea of the finals for my textile kitchenware collection - lemme know what you think! I've tried to spread out the designs over the ceramics and the kitchenware to see what lends itself best to what, hopefully a chat with my tutor should make things a bit clearer - but if you've got any other ideas I'd for you to share them with me :-)

Also - I found out this morning that one of my cushion designs using this pattern got published in an online article! I'm super pleased (despite them not asking permission first!) - it's nice to know my work is considered 'Gorgeous Geometrics' along with other professional designers work! If you fancy a peek - here it is

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