Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sketchbook Work

So we're well into the honors project. This is my very last project at uni and it's a big one! I've not really told you guys a lot about it, so I'll share a bit about it. I decided to continue with the 'Celebration' theme from the last project as I thought there was a lot more I could explore. I was inspired by the idea of using disposable partyware to make the final outcome (whatever it may be) I played around with some samples & became really interested in the use of multiple triangles. The triangles to me are quite symbolic of the 'celebration'  - Party Hats, Bunting, Napkins etc. So now I'm playing around with the idea of multiple triangles & trying to bring back a sculptural element to my work :-) Watch this space!

That's all for today! I've got a busy day ahead of me with a long list of things to do! I shall try & take a photo an hour (hopefully this will become a regular thing on the blog) & share with you my busy days! I've got a mountain of uni work to plow through along with the odd jobs & a special girls night tonight with Tashar my housemate. We're building a fort. I'm kind of excited!
Hope you all have an awesome weekend & make the most of it whatever you spend it doing!

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