Sunday, 26 February 2012

I've learnt a new trick!

So I've been playing around on Photoshop & found a snazzy new way to jazz up my photos, and since its been a LONG time since I did some nice posts about the kind of stuff I get up to I thought I'd share some adventures I've been on and take myself on a little trip down memory lane :-)

In Decemeber 2010, Me & The Mr took a ferry across the pond to Brugge for a lovely day away in a gorgeously snowy & christmassy city. We had a lovely time & I HIGHLY recommend this trip to anyone (if you go at the right time you can go on the ferry for 2-4-1 and it'll only cost you £35 each for a two night stay on the ferry & a day in Brugge). We took a trip to the chocolate museum - you can't go to Belgium without doing the obligatory chocolate tasting, we explored the Bellfry tower (sp?) and just generally had a lovely time wandering around in the snowy weather (it was 2 days before Christmas and set the scene perfectly)

Here are just a few of my favourite snaps from our trip! :-)

I'd have loved to have gone again last year however University work would have to disagree with, as it kept me busy all over Christmas, but how about next year Dan? :-)

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Michelle Clement said... looks lovely, there! (And I love your coat!!). Cute pictures!!


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