Sunday, 10 July 2011

Charity Shopssss!

I went charity shop shopping again the other day! My sister wanted me to help her find an outfit in some little boutiques, so I bargained with her that I'd only go if I could raid some charity shops along the way! So I did!
I couldn't believe how cheap they were! The charity shops near me seem to have hiked up all their prices! I know it's for charity but I'm more likely to buy something if I feel I'm getting an absolute bargain! - Anyway! Heres what I found! :-)
A Cute Little Bowl - 29p!

Gorgeous Blue Tinted Glass Dish! - £3

Mini Teacup - Waiting to be made into a candle! - £1.50

Some Little Tealight Holders - 50p

Another Jar For More Buttons!!! 30p!

A Pretty Dish For Some Beads! 59p

My New GIANT Button Jar - £1.99

GORGEOUS Mirror - £3.99

And This Cute Little Basket Which I'm Dying To Put Some Eggs In! - 50p!
My sister suggested earlier that we go for a day in Pickering because apparently there are TONS of charity shops there and a flea market! I best get saving my pennies! I love old stuff! :-)


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