Friday, 13 May 2011


So as many of you how know me will know. I love to decorate... Well it's more I like the idea of decorating....not so much the actual doing, but just the end result! Ever since I first laid eyes on our kitchen in our student house, I have LOATHED it because of its brown walls, and now my lack of uni work means I'm free! So I finalllllllyyyyyy tackled it, and tbh! it's probably one of my best achievements so far!!!

So here was my kitchen before. It has the TINIEST window and the brown paint added to the dingyness, its also a bit smelly in there from past tenants, so it just made the whole place dull and grubby!
And now.....
I've been up since quarter to 8 this morning, had to full on scrub the walls to get rid of the grease from the previous tenants unhealthy food obsession! and TADAAAAAA!
 I'm actually delighted! It looks SO much better! 
hope you like as much as i do! i wont be so embarrased for people to come in my kitchen now! :-D


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