Sunday, 15 May 2011


So I've finished uni for summer now, and I'm so excited for the freedom and the time to be able to do my own projects! I'm going to spring clean my uni house this week! Got the girls over for a girls night in on tuesday! Packing on Wed & home on Thursday! Going to try and make myself a felt ball rug this week too!

I also had a REALLY good sucess selling my stuff on Ebay this week! So thankyou to everyone that has bought stuff! - if not then why not?! So I'm spending the rest of my day packaging up some orders nicely to post out first thing tomorrrow :-)

Oh also... It's my last day at Primark today! woop!



Rachel said...

I'm coveting one of these so bad!
Did it turn out??


Emma Sunman said...

Oh god, It never happened! :-( I began making it whilst I was at my uni house, then I went home for summer & I just never had time! I thought 4 months seemed like forever to get all my DIY'S done, but it FLEW past! I think it's deffo on the cards for this summer though! I'm determined! :P


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