Friday, 17 December 2010

Etsy Finds!

So I haven't brought my camera back to Preston with me, And now I wish I had! Been making christmas cards and cushion covers and went for a lovely goodbye dinner with the uni girls as a Christmas treat! So anyway, instead of letting my blog grow lonely, thought I'd occupy myself with a night of etsy shopping and see what wonderful finds i come across and share them with you all! :-)

This Vinyl Wine Rack Via Retired Records
 This etsy shop sells genius things I'd never think of made out of old vinyl records! a fabulous way of recycling!

These towels Via Cyanide Stitches

I'd lovely a nice brightly coloured bathroom in my imaginary house! And these I think would go perfectly! I love how unique they are!

This Adorable Cushion Via Pilosale
Eeee, I wish I knew someone that was popping out kids! I'd love to get all crafty making things for them!

 This gorgeous felt flower brooch via JenniferLockeDesigns

This brooch is gorgeous, it's crafty, it's pretty, it's different and to top it all off it's purple! I'd love to get creating something like this out of found materials. Recycling old materials adds so much more of a story to an item rather than new stuff!

Vintage Thread Rack Via tlknww3blues

just yesterday I was scouring the internet for a thread holder, I have a thing for new craft storage and organisation! You know me! I like things to be neat and tidy!

This hot air balloon necklace via FreshyFig


These lovely acorn decorations via CityCrochet

I want my whole house covered in them! They simply gorgeous!

This fabulous tissue box via NannysTreasures

This is absolutely fabulous! Would look awesome in a kids bedroom! buy handmade for christmas thats all I'll say!

This tiny little lamb via darialvovsky

It's meant to be a lamb from part of the nativity, but I'd just buy this on its own! Hes so adorable! I know my Mumma will just melt when she sees this! I'm thinking next years christmas presents are all coming from Etsy!

Cute Lovebirds from TheGirlinYellow

I struggled to restrain myself from posting pictures of everything on her etsy, but I fell in love with her little birds she makes, along with top hat and flower for the mr and mrs! but I think these show exactly what her shops all about! so cute!

Thats all for now folks! else I'll be here all night posting stuff! I feel all inspired now so I'm off to go get my hands on some fabric and see what I make!


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