Saturday, 23 October 2010

Morning All!

Well last night was interesting! Thinking someone was breaking into the house! Turns out one of my flatmates decided to sneak out, leaving the alleyway gate open, our back gate AND our backdoor open! Think burglars have it too tough lately, its about time someone made it a bit easier for them!
Anyway on a lighter note! Look at these cool little things I've found! I came across a website called hello adorable! and its so cute!!! Enjoy!

Me and the Mr always have our boiled eggs for breakfast! Think this would be a lovely way to start the day to see a happy chicken and her babies sat in my fridge! :-)

Super cute loo-roll earrings! What a fab idea!

Completely handmade! I for sure wouldnt have the patience - or the steady hand to make this amazing little terrarium necklace!


I need this in my life. I feel measuring would be so much more fun with a little pink snail to help me do it!

This photograph is so many degrees of fabulous! I can't wait to go over to the photographers site and see what other genius photos he has!

Thats all for now!

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