Saturday, 23 October 2010

Cosy Saturday Night In!

So I turning into a right old boring fart! Spent my Saturday doing work, takeaway and xfactor. I popped out to the cash machine earlier with my ipod in, and it felt super good to get out by myself and just walk. I'm hoping to motivate myself tomorrow morning to get up for a nice walk & to listen to some pretty music! :-)

I've been busy all afternoon sewing my rug - hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow & get some pics up! It's not looking too good yet, but I'm hoping a bit more work, and fingers crossed, it'll look like I imagined it to be!! :-)

I've been having another nosy on the net and found some more stuff I'd like to share :-)

Morphable Bed!
 How comfy does this look! I have enough trouble getting out of my uncomfortable bed in the morning! But I think I'd just LIVE in this one forever!

Love Chair!
Eeee! I'd have this chair in my room any day! So cute!

I'm starting back at Primark tomorrow, so I best be off to bed and get some beauty sleep! Night World! :-)

Emma xoxox

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