Friday, 20 January 2017


It's been a little while since I last checked in. As always.

I'm still at Muse, & working on The Polkadotte in every spare hour I have. Christmas went excellently, I've joined back at the gym & I've made some fabulous new friends. I'm in an unbelievably good place and I love to spread a little cheer around everywhere I go and try my best to stick a smile on someones face. I've learnt not to let things get me down - and if I do, I give them a day. Thats it. That's all the attention it gets, then I wake up the next day, fresh and happy again.

I'm such an advocate in encouraging people to do what makes them happy. Hate your job? Quit. People bringing you down? Leave them. Life if way to short to be unhappy. Find what you love and DO NOT STOP.

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