Wednesday, 9 November 2016

New Life!

So things have settled down a little lately! I'm loving my new job at English Muse and all the wonderful people I've already met from it! Makes me miss living round the Avenues as its such a gorgeous creative community, so happy I'm back round there and working though! In case you're not from Hull, Newland Avenue & Princes Avenue is a super cute creative part of Hull and its primarily full of students as it's close by to the uni - thus making it super cool and rather trendy!

The English Muse is a Gorgeous (with a capital G) little cafĂ© with the most beautiful front windows. I work primarily in the kitchen cooking up huge pans of tasty Veggie soups and toasting some toastys! I love that it's nothing like my other jobs and I have a little freedom with it and can make things look nice and pretty! Never did I think that anyone actually enjoyed their jobs - having worked at other places and just kept on plodding on because it paid the bills, this new venture is a revelation to me! I love it!

I love to encourage people to do more of what makes them happy so I'd love to inspire anyone to sack off their jobs that make them unhappy and go do what does make you happy! I've felt such a change of the last month or so in myself and I can truly say I'm happy! I'm terrified about money - don't get me wrong haha - but money isn't everything :-)

You'll only hate Mondays if you hate your job.

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