Friday, 12 December 2014

London! Rememberance Sunday!

I recently had to go to Milton Keynes for some training for work so what a perfect excuse to go back to Bedford and see the other half! We decided to take a trip to London and go visit the Remeberance Sunday Poppy Memorial at the Tower Of London and spend the evening at the Lyceum Theatre watching The Lion King.

I LOVE LONDON. I always thought I'd hate it but after my first trip a couple of years ago I love it - It'll be a shame it's not on my doorstep anymore with us not being in Bedford. The trip to the theatre was well over due and it was honestly amazing, I loved every second and didn't want it to end! I recommend anyone to go see it - I had goosebumps at the opening and closing scenes and you literally couldn't wipe the smile off my face!

The Poppy Memorial was pretty amazing too! They extended the duration it was on for because it had been so popular - there must have been thousands of people there! The vast amount of poppies was uncomprehendable to and to imagine those as lives lost is just devastating...

Here are some of the snaps from the day!

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