Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Ok, so I realise I'm turning into one of those bloggers who only ever blog about apologising about not blogging. Whoops! Things have been super busy round here - heres a catch up of whats going on!

I've started a new job at Costa Coffee - Not putting my degree to much use but it's with nice people and the hours are good. I also get to work with my best friend :-)

I've finally declared myself sel-employed so now I'm officially a business owner. 

So far I'm managing to keep up with both jobs and have somewhat of a social life - but this means that I'm pretty much always tired and have a never ending to do list and lots of things get put off - aka getting back to blogging!

I'm also going through some personal stuff which can be tricky but because I'd like to think this blog is a happy little piece of my life - we'll leave the details out ;-)

I'm pretty happy with where I'm at (minus the drama) & got some exciting stuff in the pipeline... I'm finally going to learn to drive :-S. I'm trying to convince myself this is good and exciting because currently - I'm not so excited... just petrified!

I'm missing uni life and seeing my friends everyday - even more so miss living with my bestie - who's moving to China in two days! Gutted! I am excited however to save my pennies and fly out to see her (whether she likes it or not!)

Anyway! I best be off to plan some more blog posts for you so I don't fall behind again! (Hopefully they'll be a little more exciting than this one!)


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