Monday, 23 April 2012


Ok, Super sorry for being so quiet, I really have been quite busy! Seriosly cannot wait for the 25th of May now (not long to go!) then everything is handed in and I can finally get on with my life! This weekend I went away to the Yorkshiredales for the mr's mums 50th birthday! I had a lovely time - despite the epic amount of rain! I managed to pack the right stuff so for once I was prepared for the huge downpour we had! They really picked the right time of year to go to as all the little baby lambs were out. My heart melted at every single one and all you could here from me in the car driving there was squeeks of delight everytime we passed a field full of them! Anyway, here are a few of my snaps from the weekend - I couldn't use my camera much due to the epic amount of rain, but I think these will do :-)

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