Saturday, 10 March 2012

Photoshop Work

Hey - So I've not shared with you much about this project that I'm currently doing! It's constantly on my mind and is kind of a massive deal. I really like working with multiples as I've said before and you've probably noticed this if you've seen any of my work. To get some ideas generating and flowing in my head I decided to scan some of my sketchbook work & play around in Photoshop a little to see what new ideas it uncovered. I've mainly just used the brush tool to layer multiple shapes & I'm really quite liking the simplicity of the designs. My initial inspiration was celebrations and in my sampling I was looking at disposable partyware and table settings etc, so I thought these patterns would lend themselves nicely to being printed on plates - then it would tie back to my initial research. Alongside the plates & tableware I'd also like to make a 3d form to go with them, as my tutors and I feel it would be a shame to loose the 3d sculputural element I've had in my past projects. ANYWAY, here are a few of my very basic & undeveloped patterns, let me know what you think :-)


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