Monday, 5 March 2012


I recently started up a facebook group for the girls on my textiles course & I to share interesting stuff we've found on the web - however instead of spamming the facebook page with tons of links of pretty much every exciting item I've found on the net, I thought I'd share it with you guys too! :-) Hope you like!
Mark Jenkins - He creates some really cool outdoor installations that would really make you stop and think/freak you out a little if you walked past them in the street.

  Chip It! - A button you can drag to your toolbar and 'colour chip' any image you like the colours in! It doesn't get them dead on (it gives you colour shades specific to the brand of paint) but it gives the general scheme.

Pinterest - I think most of you will have heard of it, but if you've not signed up, I highly recommend you do! Not only is it a good way to organize all those craft tutorials you find (if your anything like me you have a neverending 'bookmark' list) but it's great to make virtual theme boards for projects & inspiration.

ArtAtHeart - A nice little blog full of interesting artists work & sculptures. If I'm lacking a bit of inspiration I usually head over here and trawl through their archives!

The Trend Boutique - Nice for a bit of trend research & inspiration. Plenty of artists work to wet your appetite & jobs are occasionally listed here. You do have to subscribe to read full articles though. (I think)

Improv Everywhere - These guys are geniuses (sp?). You should all know the Grand Central Station Youtube video where some people freeze & everyone else is really confused? Well these are the guys behind that! Theres a whole load of videos on their site of things they've done in the past! I guarantee it'll put a smile on your face!

Design Sponge - Another great site filled with inspirational designers work. Guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing in your head!

Craftzine - DIY, DIY, DIY. Bored? Plenty of ideas of stuff to make on here :-)

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