Thursday, 15 March 2012

Favourite DIY Find

I'm forever hunting for tutorials and DIY's on the net and pinning them onto my Pinterest & tell myself that ONE DAY I will do them! I thought I'd start to share with you one of my favvourites a week, that way at least if I don't get round to doing them I'll be glad I've shared them with you guys and perhaps inspired you to do them too! & Hopefully when I actually finish me degree and maybe have spare time, I'll be able to do my own DIY tutorials & share them with you! :-)
This weeks is how to cover your vintage suitcases with some vintage floral fabric. I recently found a pair of vintage suitcases and I'm battling between attempting this DIY and possibly ruining a) some gorgeous vintage fabric and b) my suitcase! But I think I just need to take the plunge and do it!

Head over to A Beautiful Mess & check out her Suitcase Tutorial! She's also got tons of other exciting DIY'S on her blog too & I'm sure as soon as you visit you'll end up an addict like me!

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