Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My Grandparents

A little while ago my Mum went over to my Aunties to dig out some old family history stuff and came across some old photos from before my Mum was born. I love looking through old photos, particularly of relatives who sadly, I didn't get to know in time. I like to think just by looking through the photos I get to know a little bit more about who they were. When I think of my Nana & Grandpa I think of a really regal upper class couple and I love that I hold them in such high regard. They taught me manners and my Nana in particular taught me how to be a lady :-) Certain words in which cannot be said by a lady, sitting up straight, and being presentable and polite as much as possible. I've got so much love for this lady & I couldn't imagine a 'Nana' any other way than mine! Sadly, I was quite young when my Grandpa died but I hear many stories about him and know he must have been a lovely man and I only wish I got to know him better. I think I would have adored him! I'll always remember staying at theirs when I was little and how we'd always have proper butter, Robertsons jam, & the toast would go in a basket underneath a napkin - we'd never have it straight out of the toaster! Anyway! Here are a few lovely pictures of them back in the day! Theres another picture somewhere from around the 50's I think, of them dancing - I'll have to speak to my Mum &  get her to dig it out & send me it. I think it needs framing. They look so happy in it :-) I also need to hunt down the picture of my other Grandad sat on a plane with his mates in the war having a laugh. Another one I think I need to frame :-)
My Nannie <3

My Great Auntie Brida (who was also an amazingly fab lady & Grandpa when they were young.
My Grandpa on the left.
My Grandpa on the back left.
(I love how he's dressed in this one!)
My Great Auntie Brida in the Polkadot dress
My Grandpa on the right.

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