Monday, 30 January 2012

Dorothy Shoes!

So it was my housemates 21st birthday party and we decided on a movie character theme! Everyones costumes were amazing! & We had so much fun! - I loved making my costume! I went as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! I've always wanted to be Dorothy (who hasn't?!) & I made myself a sparkly pair of red heels! Heres how...

1. Find yourself an old pair of heels.
2. Cover half of the shoe in PVA glue.
3.Sprinkle glitter over half of shoe (do this over paper!) and shake excess off.
4. Repeat for other half of shoe.
5. Leave to dry overnight (this is really important to make sure they're properly dry - I made the mistake of being too eager to do the next step and the glitter just started to slide off!)
5. When shoe is COMPLETELY dry - coat in a really thick layer of polyurathane gloss to stop the glitter flaking off and to make them waterproof.
6. When gloss is dry - pierce holes into the side of the shoes - I did this by using a hammer & nail and teasing the hole bigger wit a pair of embroidery scissors.
7. Thread matching ribbon through the hole & tie!
8. Voila! Magic Dorothy Shoes Complete :-)

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