Sunday, 8 January 2012

10 Highlights of 2011

So twentyeleven has been a pretty eventful year! I'm grateful for a lot of things that have happened and feel myself growing into a better person which each experience I encounter.

2011 was the year I started my small business. Though it's not official yet - this is something I hope to happen in 2012, I'm still proud of the progress I've made and the success I've had in the first - especially because I haven't focused on it full time. It all strated with mum buying me lots of lovely crafty presents for Christmas last year, and me making lots of stuff to sell to earn some pennies whilst at Uni!
My Boy turned 21 this year & it was also our 2 year anniversary. The time has flown past and though we have our ups and downs I know the time we've had to spend apart has made us a stronger couple. he had a lovely party with lots of family & friends and I enjoyed being up in the thick of it in his week long celebrations :-)
I also finished my second year of Uni. It absolutely flew past! I definately had my struggles and a few breakdowns but I survived it - and got a few firsts along the way! I might not be proud of going to uni all the time as I'm too busy being stressed - but I'm proud of the work & effort I've put in and I look forward to finishing and seeing where the degree leads me.
I was also very proud when my Boy graduated from uni! We had a lovely day - despite him being grumpy from having to wear his cap and gown, but I felt very proud when he went on stage and got his degree :-) To add to the proudness, he managed to get himself an incredible job from his degree, which opened up a new chapter in his life, which I'll soon be joining!(hopefully!)
My beautiful cousin Clare got married this summer. The ceremony and recepetion were gorgeous and I loved every minute of it. With having such a big family it's not often we all get to meet up so I make sure I appreciate every minute of it when we do. The day was perfect.

My boy also took me on a surprise little trip away. This came from me being annoyed at him for waking up late :-P so he made it up to me by telling me to pack my bags and he was coming to get me! I love spontaniety and I think in a relationship like ours its good for us to have a bit of freedom in a space which is neither mine or his.
I've also moved into my third year of uni. With this has come a lot of stress, time management problems and general hardwork. I plan on keeping up my momentum, or even improving it, and really trying hard to power through the last few months to give myself the best oppurtuinties when I finish!
Twentyeleven also brought along my first craft stall - on my own(nearly). I did one at the beginning of the year as part of my business module - but this was a lot more hardwork. However it was really sucessful and it brings me high hopes for the future!
I also turned 21 this year! We all dressed as crayons and had a fab night! :-)

My love for charity shop shopping has grown to a whole new level this year, and I cannot WAIT till I learn to drive and I can go hunting all over for some lovely old things! I love the fact that you always find something different and everything always has so much character! I'm obsessed!

And that is about it... lots more has happened but overall I think twentyeleven has taught me a lot and I'm a lot more thankful than I was in twentyten!
Hope you all had a lovely year :-)

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