Friday, 9 December 2011

One of my favourite things...

I love online shopping. Those of you who know me personally will know I'm an addict! It's so much easier to spend hours just trailing through websites to find the perfect thing rather than going round crowded shops in wet miserable weather to buy a compromise because you didn't find the perfect thing! I#ll share with you one of my favourite sites - ModCloth. I use to share quite a bit from this site on the old blog ( & thought I'd carry it on here!

Took some snaps of my uni work earlier too! I shall be sharing what I've been up to this semester shortly :-)

Btw - This post is so much more difficult than it looks as theres SO much stuff that I LOVE on that site!
I'd go through thses SO quickly! :-)

SO Cute! I'd give lots to my mum!

Hedgehog dryer balls!

Eeeeeeee! I NEED this!

Egg Yolk pan trivet!

Wish I could afford to pay £15 for this 'Cat-ula'for my Mum this Christmas!

Thats all for now! I shall post another load of my faves another time! I'll also find some more exciting shops which I hope you'll love as much as me! :-)

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