Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sorry for being Quiet!

So I'm slowing down on the blogging! Initially this was because I'd bored you all to death posting the same pictures of stuff I was selling on ebay, but now it's gone severly down hill! I'm trying to resolve this! I'm on top of my work a bit more now (not fully!) so I'm getting a teeeeny bit of spare time now! The stuff I've put on ebay is selling quite well atm! It's given me a bit more optimism with 'the business' and I've learnt I deffo need more patience! A couple of other things are going up for sale this weekend I should think! I'll post some piccies in a sec! Sadly the photo frames and vintage fabric pieces aren't going to be on sale online for quite a while as its stock for my business elective stall! So you can either pop down to our stall (date to be announced) or be nice and patient and I'll whack up whats leftover after we've done it :-)

1 comment:

steph bourne said...

Emma I really want those tape earrings. you making any more?


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