Saturday, 29 January 2011

An Un-productive week!

So this week the Mr came up to visit! This hasn't helped my productive-ness at all! nor my bank balance for that matter! But I am grateful for any time I do get to spend with him! Especially as this uni year has meant I'm constantly too busy to be able to nip home for a day or two!

However the lack of productiveness has given me a kick up the bum to get cracking with my uni projects! I shall be keeping quiet about my uni work until its handed in, so as to not accidently inspire others with my ideas! :-P I will try and keep making little bits and bobs to show you guys though! I'm still waiting for a couple of things I've ordered, so when they come I shall get cracking with a few things and show them off to you :-) I'm currently trying to create a paris themed charm bracelet for a friends friend, so fingers crossed my orders will hurry up and come so i can finish it off and show you! 

I alsooooo need to come up with some prototypes of products for my creative business module, so i can go out and do some market research next week, ill try and post them tomorrow morning & you guys can give me some feedback!

Sorry for the boring post! More exciting stuff to come! :)


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