Saturday, 6 November 2010

Hello Weekend!

I can't believe how quick this week has gone! Where is time going?! So it's Saturday already...Argh!!! I went out for a lovely meal last night at Tiggis in Preston, good ol' 50% off with your student card! The place is a bit stuck up, but it was lovely food none the less!

I watched my Lovefilm dvds the other day! Drag me to Hell was Terrible! It was like it was meant to be a spoof film, I just didn't get it at all, and I highly recommend others to give it a miss! What a waste of my life. I also watched Dorian Gray, which was alrightttttt. I didn't really get that either, it seemed to me like an early day twilight, with the apparently stunning main character (I didn't really see the stunning-ness, nor can I see it in Robert Pattinson) that everybody fancies, and he just goes round seducing women, whilst a painting of him self is rotting away in his attic?. Odd.

My Skin project deadline is due in on Monday, so I've been doing some finishing touches to that! Nearly all finished, just the odd thing to print out and stick down and its all done. This is my final presentation picture...
A few cheeky little tweaks in Photoshop and tadaaa! thats my rug in a pretend room :-P, a lot easier than i thought it would be! Fingers crossed the group crit goes well for me on Monday, please be gentle people :-)

Had tutorials with Alan for our jewellery project too on Thursday and if anything its left everything a lot unclearer! I need to sit down and have a re-think of the direction I was taking the project I think, and need to step back with a fresh look at my materials and try and mix it up!

I also plan to attempt to start my essay this week! 4 weeks till hand in and I just want to get it out the way and done with so I don't have a last minute panic before christmas to get it all done. Think I'll have a sit down tonight after the X-factor and have a good think and plan what I need to do.

Other than that things are all going well! Got the odd few bits of christmas shopping to get done, and need to start making some presents and decorations too before I go home for x-mas. I could do with a nice week off from uni just to sit and have a play around with projects just for fun, instead of for uni, but atm, all my spare time needs to be focused into work, work, work!

Best be off to get ready for work! Lovely Saturday night in front of the telly for me tonight. Yeay roll on 6.30 so I can come home and get my Pj's on! :-)

Have a nice weekend all!


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